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It may surprise you to know that 75% of the prescriptions your doctor provides are for long or medium term conditions, and are referred to as ‘repeat prescriptions’.

As patients’ medical conditions change or improve, then so will the medication which they require.

Therefore, it is very important that an effective system is in place to ensure that patients obtain the correct repeat prescription, when they require it, and that the medication is regularly reviewed by the doctor.

We hope that we have such a system in place, and that it is as easy as possible for patients; any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

New Patients – Please Note: If you are a new patient to the Practice, you must be seen by a doctor before your first repeat prescription can be issued.

How To Order Your Prescription

From the list on the request slip decide which medicines you need. Tick the box next to the name of each medicine you want to order on the request slip, or write a letter stating clearly which medicines you require. In a letter you must include the name and strength of the medicine, and how often you take the prescribed medicine.

If you wish your prescription to be collected by a Pharmacy (Chemist) write the name of your chosen Pharmacy on the request slip or letter.

To order your repeat prescription you may:

  • Post the request slip or letter to the practice
  • Hand it in to the Receptionist or post in the box provided in the reception area.
  • FAX the request slip or letter to the practice to 240471.
  • Online using our secure form below.

When Your Prescription is Ready

If you are collecting your prescription from the Practice please allow 2 working days (not counting Saturday and Sunday) for us to have the prescription ready.

If you have asked for the prescription to be sent to a pharmacy (chemist) please allow, at least, three working days for the pharmacy to have your prescription ready.

If you require the prescription to be sent to you, please enclose a S.A.E. for us to return to you.

Please do not ask for a repeat prescription during a consultation—it takes time for the doctor to review your medication and it may cause him/her to run late.

We do not take prescription requests by telephone to ensure the safety of the service and you cannot collect your prescriptions from the practice on Saturday mornings as we are closed.

Review Of You Prescriptions

Your medical condition, and your medication, will be reviewed at intervals by your doctor from the details in your medical records. At least once a year, dependent on your medical condition, your doctor will want to see you personally to carry out this review. Therefore, do not be alarmed if you are called into the Practice to see your doctor!

Help Us To Help You

  • Think in advance.
  • Try to order you medicines one week before you need them.
  • The request slip lists only the medicines you can order on repeat prescription without needing to see the doctor each time.
  • If you require a medicine not mentioned on your request slip, please add details, in writing, and either your request will be processed, or an appointment arranged to discuss.
  • Please tick the box next to each medicine that you want to order if using the request slip.
  • If requesting medicines by letter, please write clearly stating the drug name, strength and how often you take the medication. Also if the prescription is to be sent to a pharmacy please also write clearly which pharmacy.
  • If there are medicines listed on the request slip that you no longer use, please tell the Practice.

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